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Custom Home Building - This is what our company was founded on and what we excel at today.   Our attention to detail has landed us several awards and also on the cover of two of the Nation's largest Architects design catalogs.  

Condominiums and Villas-   One of the greatest demands of the baby boom generation is the desire for care free living.   Our Condominiums and Villas offer just that, with quality construction, a desirable location, maintenance services, and flexible design.

Commercial Construction - Through our Home Building Relationships, we have branched out to offer Commercial Services. Over the years we have constructed several Shopping Centers, Medical Offices, Surgery Centers, Florist Shops, Green Houses, and Restaurants

Land Development- The Kuszmaul Family has developed over 200 acres of land during the past 80 years, making the way for hundreds of families to pursue the great American Dream of home ownership.